Benefit Minis + Review!

We all know Benefit is a much talked about brand by beauty gurus all over the internet, so to get 4 products for the price of 3 is a great offer!

Benefit stockingWhilst I was in Boots, I was drawn in by this amazing offer on Benefit Cosmetics. You could buy any four miniature products for the price of three. As it’s a Christmas gift, you also got this free little Benefit Christmas Stocking, which I thought was super cute! I think this is a really lovely product for someone who’s into makeup, especially high-end brands. At £15 for 4 products, this really isn’t going to break the bank. Each individual miniature is £5 each. Below I’ll show you what I bought, however, there were other products such as the Boing concealer, Bad Gal Mascara and Bad Gal Eyeliner to choose from.

I adore the gorgeous, bright, unique packaging on Benefit’s products and the cute little names. Also, I’ve only ever tried one Benefit product, which was the “They’re Real” Mascara, which, unfortunately, I really didn’t like, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to try some new products out without spending a fortune on full sized products. (By the way, this offer is exclusive to Boots.)

So what did I get?

So the first thing I picked up was the It’s Potent!” Eye Cream. I was sucked in by the gorgeous packaging! This eye cream isIt's Potent Box supposed to brighten your under-eyes and get rid of any dark circles or any lines you may have and also assist with anti-aging.

Depending on how much sleep I get (which at the moment is not a lot), I sometimes have quite some bad dark circles. Luckily as I’m only 18 I don’t suffer too badly with fine lines, yet!

So I’ve used this eye cream for a few days now together with my moisturiser. (Which if you’re interested is Lush’s “Vanishing Cream”. I apply a tiny amount using my index finger to my under eyes and lightly pat it in. I really do think that this eye cream has made a difference to the appearance of my under eyes. I’ve noticed my eyes look a lot brighter and a serious reduction in my dark circles, which I’m really impressed with! As for fine lines, I have to say when I’ve worn It's Potent Bottlemake up my powder hasn’t sunk into any lines I may have as much as usual. But I can’t say it’s completely life changing.

Would I buy the full-size product?

I’m not 100% sure yet! A full sized tub of this eye cream costs £25.50, which isn’t too pricey, BUT, it’s not something I really want to splurge on unless I’m totally sure. So, I’m going to use up my mini tub and see how I feel after that. I’ll keep you updated!

The next product I got is the “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer.

Again I was a sucker for the beautiful packaging that you can see! The print is so bold and colourful that it really stood out to me on the display. I’ve just used up the last of my Clinique Superprimer and Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer, I That Galdidn’t think either of those primers really stood out to me, so I thought I’d see if this would be my new Holy Grail primer!

So as the box says this primer should take you from “Dull to darling!” and give you brighter and smoother skin. I used this for the first time today and I have to say it does exactly what it says it does. This primer made my skin glow! The primer itself is a lovely pinky colour which really helps to brighten the skin. My skin was literally sparkling and it felt so soft when I was applying my foundation. So as you’ve gathered I’m really impressed!

Would I buy the full sized product?

Yes. Yes. YES! I think I’ve found my Holy Grail Primer!

Next is the “High Beam” Luminescent complexion enhancer” (A bit of a mouthful!)

High BeamI’m fairly new to the world of highlighting and contouring, I’m no Kim Kardashian. However when I saw this I thought I’d give it a go to see if I could get on this trend. This little bottle of silky, pearlescent liquid is for highlighting cheek and brow bones. Apparently it’s known as the “Supermodel in a bottle”, so I was waiting to be amazed.

Yet again, I was! This highlight is a beautiful shimmery shade, perfect for my ghostly white skin. There’s a tiny little brush which you can use to apply the product. I apply a very small amount to my upper cheekbones and under my eyebrows. I honestly thought it really made these features stand out and really glow! It also lasted such a long time. (For example, I applied some earlier at approximately 2 pm and my face is still glowing at 12 am whilst writing this! What was that about me getting enough sleep?)

Would I buy the full sized product?

I will most definitely be repurchasing this when I have used the miniature. However I think that little bottle is going to last me a really long time, to be honest, I hardly used any product today and achieved a really nice effect.

Finally, I got “Benetint” Rose-tinted lip and cheek stain.Benetint

Up until a few months ago I only really wore matte red lipstick or dark vampy purple shades, however, I wanted to start branching out a bit more so I thought I’d give this a go. So this is a multi-purpose product which makes it a really good product to just chuck in your bag. It’s also meant to be kiss proof, waterproof and really long lasting. All of those things sound good to me!

I used this product for the first time today. I have a confession to make, I wasn’t brave enough to try it on my cheeks! As you can see the colour in the bottle looks blood red, I thought this would be WAY too much for my skin tone. Also, I was in a rush, so if I looked silly, I’d be in trouble! So instead I opted for my usual dusty pink shade. However, I did try it on my lips. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The colour was a rosy red/pink shade which was a lot more subtle than I thought. However when I applied it to my lips it wasn’t as bold as I expected. Maybe I just should have remembered it is a TINT, I also had lip balm on before hand, so this probably didn’t help. However, another little negative I had with this product was that  it tinted my teeth to a very slight pink! (It came off incredibly easy, just like lipstick.) Something really lovely about this product actually smelt of roses which I thought was a really nice touch! I think I need to re-test this product again before I can give you a proper review and also take the plunge and go for the cheeks!

Would I buy the full sized product?

At this point in time, I can’t say. I definitely need to retest this before I come to my conclusion! Similarly to the High Beam highlight, I think this product will last me a really long time anyway.

So I hope you found this post interesting and it gave you a little inspiration for a possible Christmas gift for someone you know or even a little treat for yourself.

(Sorry, I mentioned the C word in October! Please don’t kill me!)


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