Day 1 & 2: Berlin

Day One img_1507

3:30am Monday morning we reluctantly woke up to start our adventure.

Our first stop Berlin, Germany.

I’d never been to Germany, but, I have learned a lot about its history throughout my time at school and college. So I was really excited to see it first hand. 


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Our flight was at 6:50 AM, we arrived in Berlin at 9:45. As soon as we stepped off the plane we were hit with a wall of humid, heat. It was already 25 degrees. We got a taxi to the hostel from the airport, we were too tired to get the bus or train.

We stayed at the One80 degree hostel. It had a really cool vibe good music, full of young

people, really clean, modern decor and was a good place to start. We shared a 6 person dorm with an ensuite with 4 men, a bit intimidating, but once we all got talking there was a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

We put our bags away and headed out to explore the area. The Hostel was a 5-minute walk from the Alexanderplatz, a vibrant hub of activity (they even have a Primark!) The area was buzzing with energy, there were market stalls, street food stalls and outdoor bars serving fairly cheap and cold drinks, perfect for the now 30+ degree weather.

We sat and had a beer and soaked up the sun, then wandered further down to the Berliner Fernsehturm, the 368m high TV tower. The tower boasts panoramic views across Berlin’s skyline, it’s definitely worth it. There’s also a bar and restaurant up there.

We had a wander around this area and stayed quite local to the Hostel as we were tired from the flight. We went back, had a nap, then went out for dinner and a drink in the Alexanderplatz then had a stroll along the Spree river and saw some beautiful sights such as the Berliner Dom which looked gorgeous at night.

We met up with some other travelers in the hostel who we then shared the night with. It was really interesting to meet people from such different and diverse countries and cultures. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to go on this trip.

Day Two

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We decided to do some more sightseeing, the landmarks, and monuments in Berlin were fairly spread out so we utilized the metro and public transport, which is fantastic in Berlin. We also got a ticket for the open top city sightseeing hop on hop off bus, which took us to most of the main tourist hot spots in Berlin. The bus tours are great in these cities and the commentary explains the history of the city and each of the monuments.

We visited The Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and The Victory Collum. These places were all amazing and so immersive, the culture and history in Berlin is certainly something to marvel at, if only the pictures could do it justice.

The Berlin Wall memorial was chilling. We attached ourselves to a tour and we learned loads about the history of it and the horrors that faced the citizens of Berlin.

On the night we decided to go out to a club called House of Weekend. It was quite busy considering it was a Tuesday night. It was at the top of a tower block and had a roof terrace overlooking Berlin’s skyline with a really cool view of the Berliner Fernsehturm. The club had a good vibe and played deep house and trance, not like a typical below average night at Yates in Wolverhampton. I even met some people from Dudley in the club which blew my mind, of all the places! I met some really cool people in there and has a really good night getting to know them.

That leads us to now. As I’m writing this post, I’m on the train to Prague, sat with a couple from Canada talking about everything and anything and I love it. I’m loving this adventure and can’t wait to get to Prague, especially with my birthday tomorrow!

Speak soon!


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