I just ran The Race for Life!

img_1363If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I am on a never-ending quest to lose weight. My first post on this subject was all the way back in June. I weighed a whopping 13 stone 6 lbs which quite honestly sickened me. I was a big, fat mess and had the fitness level of a 90-year-old obese woman.

I decided to change and I have, I properly started losing weight in March and since then have lost nearly 2 stone, I weigh 11 stone 8 lbs and just ran 5K in under 35 minutes and raised £185 for Cancer Research. Continue reading


Birmingham Pugfest 2016 Review

Having a pug can be a challenge. They may seem like lazy, adorable img_1099-1bundles of fluff, but they definitely have a big personality for such a small dog. I’ve had Teddy, my pug for about a year now and although he can be a pain in the backside, he’s a little ray of sunshine and I wouldn’t change him for the world. As a day out for Ted, we decided to take him along to Pugfest in Birmingham, which is a gathering where pugs, pug crosses, and pug owners all meet up. There are stalls, competitions, and prizes for the pugs. We’d never been before and thought it would be a different day out for Teddy that he would enjoy. We were all full of optimism and we did enjoy the day, however, I feel as if it could’ve been done better.
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Dealing with body confidence issues

Today I’m writing this post and feeling huge. I hate my body and want to go and take scissors to my stomach fat.

I reflect on this judgement and realise that I am being ridiculous. Yesterday I was thinking how fabulous I looked. Looking in the mirror and thinking “Yes, you are gorgeous!” So why the day after I feel like I am 20 stone and look disgusting in every way.

Because I am gorgeous and so are you!
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Quick and Easy Spicy Kale Crisps

In my eternal quest for an achievable healthier lifestyle, I’m always searching for new things to include in my diet. Kale is still the superfood everyone is obsessing over, but if you’re like me, just steaming or boiling your veggies can get pretty boring. So I decided to try making kale crisps! Let me tell you they’re delicious, I even converted my Mum and Dad to them!img_9947

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My Daily Routine

We’re very nosey creatures us humans. Something I really enjoy is watching daily vlogs/ reading daily blogs and seeing people’s daily lives and routines no matter how mundane they may be. Now I’m only working part time there’s a bit more to my day than just work, work, work, eat, revise, sleep. I’m now somewhat interesting!

I thought I’d share with you an average day in the life of Harriet. Continue reading

My top tips for a healthier lifestyle

We’re constantly bombarded by the media of the next new health craze that will completely transform our lives. Juice cleanses, gluten free and fasting are some of the fads that have been circulating in recent months. But let’s be honest, the Nutri bullet you got for Christmas hasn’t been out the cupboard since January.

These tips are from one yo-yo dieter to another, they’re simple and easy to stick to.  Continue reading