Day 12, 13, 14 & 15: Budapest and coming home

Budapest, our final destination on our adventure and Hayley’s birthday on Saturday. Budapest is another city I’ve always wanted to visit, gorgeous architecture, thousands of cool cafes and bars and an amazing club scene, we weren’t disappointed. 

Day 12

Our journey to Budapest wasn’t very enjoyable. Our train was at 10am and lasted about 7 hours. It was a tedious journey with 14 stops and 3 passport checks when entering Hungary which as you can imagine took ages as the train was 15 carriages long. There also was no air IMG_3381conditioning at all, even though we had the windows open it still felt like we were going to melt in the baking hot heat.

When we finally arrived at Budapest we were at Kelenfold station, which was nowhere near our Hostel or anywhere we needed to be. We found out we had to get two metros to take us to our hostel. After a very tedious 10 minute argument with a very rude ticket conductor, we finally were on our way to the Hostel.

We were staying at Instant Groove Party Hostel, don’t be fooled by the name, that’s exactly what it is, a party Hostel. The Hostel is located above Instant night club, a huge club with lots of small corridors, dance floors hidden bars and all sorts, it was so easy to get lost in there. The club is open every night, including Sunday, until 6am and plays a huge variety of music all through the night. The club is buzzing every day and absolutely packed, as we were staying there we got free entry, didn’t have to queue and could take our own drinks in, fab!

The Hostel itself isn’t the cleanest or the most well maintained compared to the otherIMG_3376 ones we’d stayed in, but the decor was really cool, weird paintings, fairy lights, tapestries, huge cushions and a cute little balcony which we sat at every night. Our room was spacious we were sharing with two lads from England who were there on a weekend break. In fact, most the people staying in the Hostel were English. The staff were also really chilled out, there was an “anything goes” kind of vibe, just don’t bring nonguests into the Hostel without permission, you could drink, smoke, play your music on the speakers, use the kitchen whenever you want, it was super relaxed. They’d even let you sleep on the sofa for 8 euros a night.

We were both really tired when we arrived it was about 6pm, so we had a nap and then got ready for our first night out at Instant. In the end we didn’t go down to the club, instead sitting on the balcony until the early hours having a drink and chatting with some other travelers in the Hostel which was a really interesting and fun way to spend the night. We didn’t want to go all out as tomorrow was Hayley’s birthday!

Day 13

We woke up bright and early ready for a full day of city exploration, however, we both felt really ill and had to go back to sleep! A few hours later we tried again. Managed to wrench ourselves out of bed get ready and head down to Hayley’s favourite TGI Fridays for her birthday lunch. Unfortunately, the sickness didn’t subside and we both struggled to eat our meals or drink our cocktails! (I know very out of character.) Then we headed back to the hostel for yet another nap.

After a few hours sleep and a few litres of water we woke up early evening and stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and prepared for a good night out.

We started the evening with cocktails and finished the evening with vodka and coke, classic! How most of our nights start and end. We had a nice evening drinking and chatting with some of the other travellers in the Hostel and then showed our face at Instant club downstairs.

We had a really good night considering how we felt earlier in the day, unfortunately, it was a bit of a boring day compared to some of the other days we spent whilst away. Sorry that this day was a bit boring!

Day 14

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It was our final full day in Budapest and on our trip, we decided to make the most of it. We decided to go on another of the Big Bus tours as the one in Vienna was really good. This one was equally as good and included a night tour and also a river cruise for 7500 HUFs.

The tour took us around all the major sightseeing points in Budapest and allowed us to get on and off as we pleased. My favourite stop was at the Citadella, which provided us with breathtaking panoramic views across Budapest and the Danube. I can imagine this would be amazing at night too. After absorbing the sights, we then hopped back on the bus and continued the tour

After absorbing the sights, we then hopped back on the bus and continued the tour. We were taken to the Palace, Parliament, Danube, and Heroes Square. All of these sights were very impressive and made for a wonderfully immersive cultural and historical experience. We had some lunch and browsed some shops and then headed back to the hostel to get ready for the night tour.


The night tour was quite disappointing. Despite arriving over half an hour early, the queue was already about 100 people long. There were only three buses being used at the time until the first one came back so we either had to sit downstairs or wait another 40 minutes. We sat downstairs, however, you couldn’t get a decent view of the buildings especially Fisherman’s Bastion, which was really disappointing, as they were too high up to see. You also couldn’t get a decent picture due to the glare from the window. We decided to get off at the river and go on the river cruise. This time, we were not disappointed, as the cruise provided beautiful views of the Danube, Chain Bridge, Palace and Parliament and was wonderful to experience. Although there was no commentary on the boat it was still really nice to relax and take in the surroundings.

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We then returned for our final night at Instant, which involved another night of partying in the Hostel and club and was a really good fun night that I’ll never forget.


Day 15

This is the end of our adventure. I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more and really didn’t want to come home. We woke up fairly late in the morning and spent it chatting to some of the friends we’d made in the Hostel. We solemnly said our goodbyes and left for the airport.

To get there we had to get a metro and a shuttle bus, however, it was quite straightforward and cheap to use the public transport.

I’m currently sat in the airport writing this last post and getting a bit emotional. This adventure has by far been the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve met so many amazing people, seen so many amazing things and been to so many beautiful places. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I can’t recommend this experience enough. If you have the resources please go travelling, I promise you won’t regret it. Open your eyes to a new way of life and embrace the freedom and beauty this world has to offer.

Thank you everyone, for your support across these posts, it’s been a pleasure.

On to Boomtown Festival Thursday!




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