Dealing with body confidence issues

Today I’m writing this post and feeling huge. I hate my body and want to go and take scissors to my stomach fat.

I reflect on this judgement and realise that I am being ridiculous. Yesterday I was thinking how fabulous I looked. Looking in the mirror and thinking “Yes, you are gorgeous!” So why the day after I feel like I am 20 stone and look disgusting in every way.

Because I am gorgeous and so are you!
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Quick and Easy Spicy Kale Crisps

In my eternal quest for an achievable healthier lifestyle, I’m always searching for new things to include in my diet. Kale is still the superfood everyone is obsessing over, but if you’re like me, just steaming or boiling your veggies can get pretty boring. So I decided to try making kale crisps! Let me tell you they’re delicious, I even converted my Mum and Dad to them!img_9947

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How to plan an Interrail trip – Part One

If you follow my blog (which you should) you’ll know I’ve decided I’m going Interrailing! As I also said in my previous post I’m going to be sharing my process of planning my trip with you. When I was looking for a bit of guidance on planning my trip, I found it really difficult to find anything that was very detailed or inspiring so I thought I’d create a beginners guide to Interrailing. Travel writing is something I’m really interested in pursuing, so this is excellent practice.  Continue reading