All about me

Thank you for visiting my blog!

My name’s Harriet or Harri Rebekah Evans (hence the blog name.) I’m 18, live in the West Midlands and am currently on a gap year. At the moment, I’m working
part-time and also completing work experience placements in journalism. Leading on to my future aspiration, of going on to study Journalism at University. Then the life goal is to become a successful

I’m a lover of all things that encapsulate self-expression. Literature, Theatre, Music, fashion and art are examples of these. I was a member of Central Youth Theatre for many years and love being on the stage and performing. I also play guitar and write my own songs in my spare time.
I read lots of travel writing sections in newspapers, magazines and online. This has inspired me to travel. I want to experience as many different cultures and amazing places as I can and am planning to go interrailing this summer. I’d love to document that experience along the way with my own travel writing.

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