Birmingham Pugfest 2016 Review

Having a pug can be a challenge. They may seem like lazy, adorable img_1099-1bundles of fluff, but they definitely have a big personality for such a small dog. I’ve had Teddy, my pug for about a year now and although he can be a pain in the backside, he’s a little ray of sunshine and I wouldn’t change him for the world. As a day out for Ted, we decided to take him along to Pugfest in Birmingham, which is a gathering where pugs, pug crosses, and pug owners all meet up. There are stalls, competitions, and prizes for the pugs. We’d never been before and thought it would be a different day out for Teddy that he would enjoy. We were all full of optimism and we did enjoy the day, however, I feel as if it could’ve been done better.

The venue was the Pavillion, part of Birmingham City University, parking was quite scarce and to park on the Pavillion’s car park you had to pay, we found a spot on the road. img_1092-1Entrance to the event costs £5 per person (pugs go free) which seemed a standard price, however, if it hadn’t have been going to charity this would’ve been a bit seemed a bit steep as there was not a lot to the event. There were a handful of stalls selling handmade trinkets, homeware, dog clothes and treats, the majority of which were a reasonable price. There was also a small circus performance area which consisted of aerial acrobatics and gymnasts in which intermittent performances took place, children could also have a go for a few pounds. Speaking of price, the food at the venue was also reasonable and was just your standard burger van, bratwurst, pork baps, but was nice, just not good for my waistline! Other than the stalls there was not a lot else to it. No times of any contests, shows or activities were displayed anywhere around the site, which meant we missed out on all of them as we didn’t know they were taking place. Although this was disappointing for us, Teddy didn’t seem to mind and was happy running around the big field with his new pals.

One of the good things about the event was the huge field on the site. It was very secure and safe for the dogs. Teddy had the time of his life running around after his new best pal Neville. He’s such a sociable little fellow, he loved playing with all the other pugs and I think it did him good to socialise with them as they’re not many places near us that are safe to let him off the lead.


It was really cute though to see all of the pugs dressed up, as it was a circus theme there were some really cute costumes which were absolutely adorable!

We had a good wander round and browsed the stalls, we also saw them filming the segment for the one show which is on BBC Iplayer if you want to check it out click here. Unfortunately, we weren’t featured on it, much to Teddy’s dismay! But by the end of their contest for “best pug” you can see the crowd has thinned out somewhat, probably because like I say nobody knew it was going on.

I’m saying these things as a critique, not to put them down, I did have a nice day out and think it was really nice for Teddy to mix with other pugs and meet other pug owners. But if it was a bit better organised and if there would’ve been more to do then we would’ve all enjoyed it a lot more. I would recommend this event, I just hope it will be better organised next year.




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