How to plan an Interrail trip part 3

It’s nearly time for us to go on our trip and we’re now in the final stages of planning. Here are the last few stages of planning. 

How are you getting there and back?

This really depends on where you’re going and starting your trip. Do you want to use one of your allocated travel days to get to your starting destination? Depending on where you’re starting you could get a coach, train, ferry or plane. Like I said it all depends on where you’re going, same goes for coming home.

Hayley and I have chosen to fly there and back as it only cost us about £200 each there and back each with the luggage which we didn’t think was too bad as we’ve only booked it a month in advance.

I advise that you book your flights as early as possible to get a cheap deal.


It’s vital you get insurance whenever you go abroad. You probably won’t need it but it is always better to be safe than sorry for the sake of a few quid. You can get really cheap insurance through travel comparison websites, just make sure you check what each policy covers and the excess.

We booked ours through a company called “World Nomads” which was recommended through the Interrail website. It cost £50 for two weeks for both of us and it covers absolutely everything and has a low excess. So I’d recommend having a look on their website.


It’s not as simple as just getting Euros.

Before you go think about getting your money out for your trip check what currency each of the countries you’re going to accepts. For instance, we’ve had to get Euros for Berlin and Vienna and then 3 different currencies for Prague, Zagreb, and Budapest. Although some places there do accept Euros however you get a much better rate generally on the country’s own currency, therefore, it works out better if you’re on a tighter budget.

Backpack or case?

When you’re fighting a luggage charge on the plane this can be a bit of a dilemma.

I managed to buy a case that weighs 1.8kg and is a good size to fit all my things in. So instead of carrying 10kg on my back I can push it around in my suitcase, which to me is the much more appealing option!

Again it’s all down to personal preference, depending on how long you’re going for and where. But to me lugging a 10kg backpack around in 30-degree heat didn’t sound too appealing.

What I recommend doing is a trial run of packing the week before you go and see if you really can fit everything into your backpack or if you need to have a rethink. Rolling your clothes up is a good method that keeps your clothes crease free and saves space in your case.



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