How to stay organised 

Staying organised when you’re trying to juggle revision, work, a social life, working out and family life. Sometimes it all seems to become too much, we’ve all been there. I thought I’d share with you how I stay organised.

Write a to-do list

At the start of the day, I set out what I want to do. I got a cute to-do list pad from Muji a while ago which I use to write what I want to achieve on. Try to set manageable goals, don’t aim to read a whole 500-page book in a day or write 10 essays, you just won’t stick to it and won’t feel happy when you don’t reach your goal. I set about 5 manageable goals a day.

Time management

An hour of solid, head down, no distractions revision is much better and more valuable than 3 hours of revision whilst watching TV and refreshing Twitter every 10 minutes.Same with any task, get your head down and focus, then you will achieve your goals much quicker.

Take breaks

You need to let your mind rest and take time for yourself in your day, whether that be a nap, a walk, the gym, playing a game whatever allows you to relax .

Try to keep your space clutter free

I find when I have a tidy room I feel a lot more relaxed and find it easier to focus. I don’t always stick to my own advice on this one but it is a really simple tip that helps me keep focused.

I hope these tips help you stay organised especially during exams, let me know your tips for staying organised in the comments!


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