Dealing with body confidence issues

Today I’m writing this post and feeling huge. I hate my body and want to go and take scissors to my stomach fat.

I reflect on this judgement and realise that I am being ridiculous. Yesterday I was thinking how fabulous I looked. Looking in the mirror and thinking “Yes, you are gorgeous!” So why the day after I feel like I am 20 stone and look disgusting in every way.

Because I am gorgeous and so are you!

We all have issues with our bodies. Too fat, too skinny, too spotty, too flat chested, not muscley enough, not tall enough. We can go over the things we hate about our bodies until we’re blue in the face, the only thing that changes is our self-esteem.

Mainstream media and marketing play a huge part in our body image issues. Wherever you go, you are bombarded with images of gorgeous women and men, often toned, tanned and looking like their bodies have been chiselled by the Gods. No cellulite, pubic hairs or stretch marks in sight. This is probably because any imperfections have been photoshopped out. 

Even these men and women with “perfect” bodies don’t have perfect bodies. They probably wake up some mornings feeling disgusting. They get spots, they get chin hairs, they get rolls on their stomach when they sit down. No one is perfect and everyone is far too harsh on themselves. Even bikini models have off days.

Whenever you feel down about your body, remember that you are beautiful and nobody can tell you otherwise.


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