My top tips for a healthier lifestyle

We’re constantly bombarded by the media of the next new health craze that will completely transform our lives. Juice cleanses, gluten free and fasting are some of the fads that have been circulating in recent months. But let’s be honest, the Nutri bullet you got for Christmas hasn’t been out the cupboard since January.

These tips are from one yo-yo dieter to another, they’re simple and easy to stick to. 

Replace breakfast/snack with fruit

This sounds so obvious but it’s such an easy change to make that makes such a big change. Rather than eating a bowl of cereal, which is filled with processed sugar, why not eat a banana or make a fruit salad the night before.

Sometimes if I’m really craving something sweet eating a clementine helps me suppress the urge to reach for a bag of m&ms.

It’s such a simple change but it’s such an easy way to incorporate for fruit into your diet and get your 5 a day.

Buy a big bottle of water and mark on the bottle the amount you want to have drank and by what time

I find this tip a really useful one. I take an empty bottle to work daily, I fill it up and mark on it with a whiteboard marker the amount I want to drink by 12 pm, 2 pm and so on. I find having a visual goal really helps me to drink more water throughout the day. There really are so many benefits to drinking

There really are so many benefits to drinking more water such as aiding weight loss, flushing out toxins. My skin is looking so much better since I’ve been drinking more water every day. Another huge bonus is it’s 0 calories! So drink up.

Try and drink 1 cup of green tea a day

I know it’s rank. It just tastes like hot water with a bit of grass chucked in. But green tea is so good for you! If you can stomach 1 cup a day, the benefits are huge! It’s packed with anti-oxidants and plenty of other goodies that help maintain a healthy lifestyle but can also prevent certain diseases too such as cancer.

If you eat meat, try to have a few meat free days a week

Having a balanced diet is really important in a healthy lifestyle. I find that having a few meat free days a week and eating fish rather than meat really helps me feel a lot less bloated and sluggish. A plant based diet is definitely the healthiest one, so eat your veggies!

Find an exercise you enjoy and do it

Whether it be walking the dog, jogging, dancing or going to the gym. Whatever it is that works for you. If you enjoy working out it’s so much easier to commit to it and stick to it. For instance, I love whacking on an exercise DVD and a workout playlist and doing a 40 minute HIIT workout. Each to their own!

Try and make at least 1 healthy swap a day

This can be anything. One of my healthy swaps is to walk into town after work to catch the bus home. Not only does this save me a bit of money, it also helps me burn off some calories.

That’s just my example it can be anything like having a 0% fat yoghurt rather than a full-fat one. Choosing diet coke. Walking the long route home. Doing an extra set of reps at the gym. It’s totally up to you!

Get more sleep

I’m guilty of staying up until 1 am scrolling through facebook for no reason rather than go to sleep. But when I have agood nights sleep I wake up feeling so much more positive and a lot more energetic. Getting enough sleep is really important to help your body and mind function properly.

Relax more

Finding time in our busy lives to relax is vital. Too much stress is no good for anyone. I wrote a blog post with some of my favourite ways to relax way back in November 2015 so click here to view that post.


Life is all about balance. Getting the right balance of healthy and junk food, the right balance of sleep, the right balance of exercise.Once you have a balanced lifestyle things begin to seem a lot more manageable.

Thanks for reading!



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