Top 10 tracks for March

I can’t believe it’s March already, this year’s going so fast! Here are my top tracks for this month. Click here to go to the playlist.

1) Mountain at my gates- Foals


Foals are one of my favorite bands at the moment, I’m so excited to see them at Reading again this year and to hear them play this song. The upbeat melody and gorgeous vocals make this such a dreamy song to listen to, I love it!

2)VCR- The XX


The opening and backing music on this track is so simple, innocent and dreamy to listen to. It’s a great song to have on if you’re chilling, when I listen to this I just want to be lying in a field on a sunny day and forgetting about all the worries in my life.

3) P-Labradford


This song to me conveys 1000 emotions. When I listen to it I feel all kinds of emotions, happy, sad, nostalgic, optimistic and everything in between. It’s a whole 9:17 long so gives you plenty of time to reflect on everything, it’s epic.

4) Teach me- Bakermat


This track’s different from the other ones so far. It’s got a catchy, electronic beat with soulful vocals and a synth chorus. It’s something I think you need to listen to to understand what I mean. It’s quite an upbeat, summery tune.

5) Goodbye Mr. A- The Hoosiers


If you haven’t heard this then I think you may have been living under a rock. An indie pop classic, Goodbye Mr. A is a feelgood song that really lifts my mood. I can’t help belting out the chorus even if I’m on the bus.

6) You need me, I don’t need you- Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran is no doubt my favorite artist and always will be. Unfortunately, he’s on a break this year and is staying pretty incognito. Never fear Ed, I haven’t forgotten about you. Although his songs are all incredible and he’s come s far, I thought I’d throw it back to one of his first big hits, I love this song and the live version is something to behold. I always listen to the songs when I write these little descriptions and with this I couldn’t help but sing along to every word.

7) Smile- Lily Allen


Another throwback track. I can’t believe this song is from 2006! 10 years old! This song is great if you’re pissed off. Is your boyfriend being a dick ? Whack this on and sing along and put on a smug smile and you’ll feel fabulous.

8) Flowers- Sunship Radio Edit- Sweet Female Attitude


Another throwback that’s been rebooted in 2015. This is another really catchy tune I literally listened to this on repeat non-stop for about a week.  I love to listen to this when I’m exercising it gets me really pumped and feeling sassy.

9) Get Shaky- The Ian Carey Project


Another classic tune that graced the club scene a few years ago. This is another catchy song that makes you want to get up and dance. I love listening to old club anthems rather than the new ones that all sound the same. I have a whole playlist on my Spotify full of 90’s and 00’s club anthems, if that’s something you’d like me to share then just drop me a comment.

10) Somebody Else- The 1975


Winding it down with the last song for this month. This song is gorgeous, it really hits me, I can really relate to the message of the song of a breakup and moving on. It’s a really chilled vibe song that does make you feel emotional listening to but it’s a really nice song to listen to regardless.


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