Proof I’m sticking to my promises!

We’re all so used to pictures of beautiful, toned, tanned women enjoying their morning green juice/smoothie after their yoga sesh. However, as much as I aspire to be one of those lovely ladies, I can’t say I’m there yet. But, I have been sticking to my promises!

My Mum got me a smoothie maker for Christmas and I love it. It makes it so quick and simple to make a smoothie. I’ve been having them everyday for my breakfast and today I tried my very first green smoothie, which was quite an experience… I blended together kale, spinach, cucumber and pineapple to create this scary looking concoction. It really isn’t that bad once you pluck up the courage to take your first sip.

Tuesday’s smoothie was a slightly more appealing mango, orange, carrot and celery smoothie. I actually am really enjoying having a smoothie for breakfast and its an easy way to get some fruit and veg in my diet.

I’ve been loving cooking some healthy dishes too. The two dishes below I’ve made so far this week are grilled chicken, cous cous and green salad and griddled vegetable and feta tart. Me and my Mum loved both of these recipes. Not only are they healthy but really tasty and satisfying.

If you’d like to know any of the recipes for any of the dishes featured in this blog post please comment below,and I’ll post the recipes asap!

Thanks for reading see you soon!


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