New Year’s Promises

I know what you’re thinking, it’s the 4th of January, the four days prior to this post that I’ve spent binge eating and being a lazy slob was what started my new year. Well, I like to be a little different, January 4th is the start of my new year.

My life has changed somewhat drastically over the last few months. I’ve got a good, full-time job, I’ve got all of my university offers (Hurrah!), I’m starting my revision for my retakes and to my dismay, I have put on a huge amount of weight. In a way this doesn’t bother me, I’ve spent a few months being really busy and just enjoying myself, being that body confident girl I aim to be around people, but then having a full blown meltdown as my boobs begin to jiggle out of my bra when I’m walking the dog.

We’ve all seen the “New year, new me” post all over social media for years now. I myself am one of many to criticise this fad. However, now I’m being a hypocrite and jumping on the bandwagon (All be it 4 days late.)

I am making a few promises to myself for 2016.

Eat healthier. Lose weight. Tone up. Become comfortable and confident.

Everything in moderation. Don’t deny yourself of sweet potato fries or a triple vodka and red bull, just to fit into your jeans, you need to treat yourself sometimes.

Stop sitting on your bum. Do exercise regularly, walk the dog, help to tidy the house.

Make time for yourself. Have a long bath. Use your bath bombs. Always moisturise. Stick to your skincare routine. Brush your hair. Ace these exams.

Be happy. Stop taking life so seriously. Walk with a spring in your step. Smile. Spend time with your friends and family.

Happy new year.


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