Top 10 tracks for January

I love discovering new music, any genre, any artist. Like many people I use Spotify, a free app available on desktop, Apple, and Android. I love the “Discover Weekly” feature on Spotify and have found so many new artists through this feature, so I thought I’d share some of the tracks I’m loving this month.

1. Vitamin C – Clean Cut Kid

vit c

Upbeat and funky. As soon as I heard this song I fell in love with it and haven’t stopped listening to it since. It’s got such a catchy rhythm and lyrics, I had to include this in my top 10.

2. Happy – Robert DeLong


This song drew me in with the psychedelic instrumental at the beginning and is the baseline for the whole track. It’s a really different sound, combined with calm vocals which makes a really “Happy” sounding track.

3. I’m a Fantastic Wreck – Montaigne


What could possibly be a song describing my self. The vocals in this song sound not that far from Marina and the Diamonds. I love the humor of this song especially the sounds of pianos crashing and think it’s really fun to listen to (Also Montaigne’s parody, I’m a Fantastic Greg, is equally as good.)

4. Something Good – Alt-J


This song is one of my all-time favorite songs. I love Alt-J’s debut album, An Awesome Wave and it was really tough to pick just one song. I went with something good because it’s such a feel-good track, it really makes me smile every time I listen to it so I hope you will too.

5. Whenever, Wherever – Bombay Bicycle Club


Bombay have been another of my favorite bands since seeing them live at Reading Festival in 2014. Every time I listen to a track from their album So long, see you tomorrow I’m instantly thrown back to that memory. The song has such an upbeat, euphoric vibe, with some dreamy vocals, it’s definitely a great feel good tune for January.

6. Blue Monday – New Order


Not exactly a new song but the techno beat in this throwback track is so catchy it sends you into a trance-like state. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia.

7. Got Well Soon – Breton


As soon as I heard the opening song, I had to know what it was. The mellow, electronic beat, combined with the chilled out vocals create really catchy dynamic sound, different to many artists. I love listening to this song while I’m chilling out, or when I want to dance, so I had to put it in my top 10.

8. We were Children – Tribes


This track is probably another of my favorite songs. The raw emotion in the vocals pulls you in and the beautiful cacophony created by the backing track makes this a song you can only listen to on full blast. There’s been many a time where I’ve danced around my bedroom singing into my hairbrush to this song. If only Tribes would get back together!

9. Bright Eyes – Lua


A huge contrast to the previous songs. This track features gorgeous, whispering vocals packed with emotion. This song is a sad, emotional and beautiful. It’s a flawless, chilled out sound and if you haven’t already listened to it you really need to.

10. Santa Monica Dream – Angus & Julia Stone


Angus & Julia Stone have some really gorgeous tracks, however, I had to choose this one as it was the first one I ever heard by them. When I first heard this song I stopped doing everything I was doing and sat clinging on to every last word, then sat in silence for a good 15 minutes contemplating my whole life. This song is a real tear-jerker, but bloody hell it’s faultless.

I hope you’ll enjoy these tracks as much as I am. If you have any songs you think I’d like or should give a listen just comment down below, like I said I love finding new music.


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