My 2015 Handmade Christmas Tree


Meet my beautiful Christmas tree! This year my Mum and I decided to get the biggest, best tree we could find and get as many handmade, one off, decorations as we could. We now have a tree that rivals Harrods!

Some of the decorations we already had from previous years, but this was the first time we had a REAL Christmas tree at my Mum’s house and we were both so excited!

A lot of the decorations were from Wilkinsons, The German Market, Craft Fairs or handmade by friends and family.

It’s one of the cutest things you can do at Christmas, and a real tree is so much better than an artificial one, the smell of a real Christmas tree just made it all the more special.

I really recommend that you do this with your family. It’s one of the loveliest family activities over Christmas. Whack on some Cliff Richard, get out the mulled wine and sherry and decorate the cutest Christmas tree you’ve ever seen.


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