Christmas gift guide 2015: Student Budget

Christmas coming along very quickly and it’s time to start buying gifts. If you’re anything like me then everyone you know says “Oh no you don’t need to get me anything, I know you can’t afford it!” But, you know when your Great-Nana Mavis rocks up on Christmas day after one too many sherries you’re as good as dead for not getting her her favourite chocolate brazil nuts and a new pair of slippers. To combat this issue, I have curated a gift guide perfect for those on a student budget

To combat the Christmas awkwardness, I have curated a gift guide perfect for those on a student budget.


The most important Lady in your life, you want to get her the best gift possible, to boast in your sister that you have the best gift and are inevitably the superior child.

  • Perfume. Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug, and The Perfume Shop all start to do discounted gift sets on the run up to Christmas. Boots also does 10% off all perfume somedays so worth keeping an eye on. I got my Mum the Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume set, which is her favourite.
  • Books. My Mum loves to read, so books are always a big hit. Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, Jamie’s comfort food. Whatever your Mum likes to read. Magazine subscriptions are also good you can a 6-month subscription or 12-month depending on your budget.
  • CDs. Music is always a winner. Think Ed Sheeran- Multiply, Radio 1 Live Lounge, Sam Smith- In the Lonely Hour. Again you know your Mum’s music preference better than I do.
  • Personalised gift. A photo frame with a baby photo in, a family photo, a picture of your dog. Personalised cushion, personalised piece of art, canvas print etc. You get the picture.


I’m a Daddy’s girl, so I’m always determined to impress him with the world’s best present, this can be really difficult. My Dad has everything he needs and I resent buying him bits of tat that will inevitably get chucked up the loft in 3 months time.

  • Experience Day. I saw these at work and thought it was such a brilliant gift. There are all sorts them ranging in price, some can be used for up to 4 people. I bought my Dad a Beer and Food festival experience for him and my Step-Mum which was £35, so £12.50 each, not bad if you ask me!
  • Gadgets. Depending on your budget this may or may not be up your street. A docking station, Bluetooth speakers or even a Tablet. Like i say depends on your budget, if you have a sibling perhaps you could split the choice with them.
  • Food and drink. Beer is always a hit. Perhaps craft ale, whisky, gin or beer, whatever your Dad likes to drink will be a hit. Foodwise, a hamper like the ones they sell in BHS are really lovely and nearer to Christmas get slashed in price, cheeses, artisan breads etc.
  • DIY. Grow your own sets, my Dad loves chillies so grow your own chilli sets are perfect for him. Or make your own beer, cider sets are great too.


  • Family tree. If you have a big family then a personalised family tree cushion, painting or display piece. It’s a really thoughtful and cute gift.
  • Books/Magazine subscription. Both my Nans love to read so a good book or magazine never goes a miss.
  • Photo album. This can be a really thoughtful gift. Go through the old photo albums and nab some wedding photos, holiday photos, old photos resurrected from the 80s with bad hair-dos and shoulder pads. A photo of all her Grandchildren together is also another wonderful gift.


  • Engraved mug,glass or hipflask. A really special and inexpensive gift, perfect.
  • Personalised calendar or journal.
  • Personalised plaque. These are really cute and can be lovely decorative pieces for the home.


  • Makeup. Go to the Dior, Chanel, Mac or Benefit counter with your sis and treat her to a bunch of new makeup. Same goes for Lush. Go and see what her favs are and just buy them for her.
  • Spa day. Treat your Sis to a goo old pamper sesh, if you can stretch to it an overnight stay, also it’s a gift for you too if you go along.
  • Netflix subscription. Do I even need to explain this one?


  • Video games. PS4, Xbox One, N64. Retro gaming or the latest game. Gamer store points or PSN or Live subscription. This might sound like complete gobbledygook to you but mention these words to your Bro and his eyes will light up.
  • Drinking games. Cards against humanity, spin the shot, shot roulette, shot noughts and crosses. These will go down a storm. This or just alcohol. Men can be very easy to please.
  • Netflix subscription. Again need I explain?
  • Phone camera lens. Fish eye, Macro, these can be really cool and if he’s into photography or taking cool pictures this can be a really inexpensive and cool gift for your Brother.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for some inexpensive and unique Christmas gift ideas!


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