10 Ways to relax

We’re all guilty of forgetting to take time out of our lives for ourselves, myself included. Sometimes, even when you feel trapped by all your responsibilities and things to do, taking the time to relax can really help you focus, rebalance and restart and be a lot more productive.

These are some of my favourite ways to unwind and chill out when life gets a bit too much.1. Adult colouring books

I recently got myself one of these. I know it can sound a bit silly, but trust me it’s s therapeutic once you start. I love just putting some music on and drifting off into my own world colouring. There are loads of different books you can get on all kinds of themes, it’s really worth giving it a go. You can’t beat a bit of nostalgia.

2. Reading

That old chestnut. I don’t think you can beat sitting down with a good book, curling up and getting lost in another world. Find a genre you’re interested in, (I love Murder Mystery, Crime and Dystopian Fiction) and then find a book. Reading for leisure is a really lovely thing, I only wish I did it more myself.

3. Baths

One of my favourite ways to relax is to take a bath bomb and as many other Lush products, I can find and spend a good 30 minutes in the bath. I always take my portable speakers in the bathroom, whack on some music and just forget about the world. You can never pamper yourself too much. If you feel beautiful, you’ll instantly start to feel the positive vibes coming your way.

4. Nap

You can’t beat a nap. I always feel really sleepy after a long day at work, I love to put on some really chilled out music get into bed and just snuggle up for an hour or so. I wake up feeling so refreshed, it really helps me feel more positive about everything.

5. Walking

Really simple but effective. When my mind feels clogged up with all of my daily stresses and struggles, I sometimes find just going for a quick 20-minute walk helps me to just think and clear my head. If you have a dog it’s even better as it’s exercise for both of you.

6. Yoga

I think we all knew that yoga would feature somewhere on this list. But don’t knock it til you try it! Not only is it a good form of meditation, yoga can also really help you improve mental wellbeing but also your flexibility, posture and tone your muscles.

7. Swimming

Exercise! How is that relaxing ?! I personally love going swimming and find going swimming, especially in the sea, makes me feel so relaxed. You don’t have to try and do 100 lengths or go in the fast swimmers lane. A doggy paddle by the wall is good enough, just chill.

8. Cooking/Baking

I really enjoy cooking, when you’ve got a spare half an hour I think it’s really fun to just bake a loaf of bread or experiment and create something new for your tea. I’m not saying you have to be Mary Berry.

9. Music

Another obvious one. Put on your favourite albums, songs and artists. Light an incense stick and just sit and chill. Absorb the music and get lost in it and let your mind wander, sing and dance like no one’s watching. This is one of my favourite things to do.

10. Write it down

Write how you feel in a journal or diary. Even just once sentence a week or a word a day to summarise how you feel. Sometimes writing it down is the best way to vent it all out without inflicting your bad vibes on someone else.


We all have our bad days, sometimes it can feel like life is against us. I totally understand that. But, life goes on, sometimes you’ve just got to put things into perspective and chill out. Life on the whole is good and we all have stuff to be thankful for.


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