What to do when your best friend moves 150 miles away

September. My best friend for the pimg_9828ast 10 years is going to university in Southampton and I’m on a gap year, living at home in Dudley. My best friend Ben and I have known each other since we were about 4 years old. We went to the same Nursery, Primary School, High School and College, pretty much spending the majority of our week together. So what am I going to do when he moves away for 3 years?

You’re not alone

A best friend moving away is so common. Your friend feels the same way, moving away to a new city where you know no one or where they sell the cheapest pint, it’s scary for them too. Don’t neglect your friends who may have stayed at home or moved away to a nearby town either.

There’s always Facetime

Facetime, Skype or Facebook video calling is there for a reason. Your best friend is only a phone call away.

Megabus-ing it

A cheap and cheerful mode of transport. £30 return from Birmingham to Southampton beats £80 on the train. Plus free wifi and plug sockets, can’t really knock it.

You’ll have a great time visiting 

When you visit you are guaranteed a tour around the best spots they’ve found, you get to meet their flatmates and also have a very much awaited night out which beats a Saturday night at Yates in Wolverhampton.

Don’t get jealous

Seeing them out every night during Freshers week can make you become your own worst enemy. “They’re replacing me!” “I want to be the one taking pictures of them throwing up at pre-drinks.” “They wouldn’t down the dirty pint when we played ring of fire.” Do not stress, do you really want your best mate to be sat in their room on their own during Freshers? No! So stop being selfish and make sure you take screenshots of the embarrassing photos from Facebook before they untag themselves.

They’ll be back

Christmas, Easter, Summer or their Great Nan’s 92nd birthday, they’ll be coming home before you know it, it’s not like you’ll never see them again.

Just remember they’re only a phone call or text away, your best friend will stick with you no matter what.



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